The Reiss Motivation Profile®
What Motivates You?

The Reiss Motivation Profile® (RMP) is a scientifically valid (17 peer reviewed articles), standardized assessment of what motivates any person over the age of 12. IDS and its global partners make this tool available only to trained life coaches, called Reiss Profile Masters, and other qualified counselors.

Individuals who wish to take the RMP need to do so with the assistance of a qualified life coach or counselor who has been trained to help them understand the results and get the most out of them.

Individuals who wish to read about the RMP may look at these two books, both available from The appendix of each book has a quiz for estimating the reader's "Reiss Motivation Profile."

About the Author

Steven Reiss, Ph.D. is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Yale University and completed a cliical psychology internship at the Department of Neurology of Harvard Medical School and the Department of Child Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital.